What’s the Point? Part Four: Pinterest

Pinterest – the baby sister of the social media family. It has been around since 2010, but really was not a contender until 2012, growing from just 5000 users in 2010 to almost 17 million by April of 2012.  Pinterest now boasts over 70 million users.

So how does Pinterest work?

Basically, think of having giant bulletin boards all over your house with little clips out of magazines, quotes, and photos.

The over 25 million unique monthly visitors spend their time sharing pictures, or “pins”. These pictures link to blogs, business pages, a variety of websites. Pinterest refers to these pins as “handsome little bookmarks”.

The “pins” are organized by each user onto their own “boards”. Typical users organize their pins in themes on their boards, such as a recipe, wedding, or style board, allowing them to easily reaccess their pins.

Why should your business have one?

Pinterest generates 4 times more revenue than Twitter, and over 25% more than Facebook per click. Combine that with the fact that 47% of online consumers have made a purchase based on the recommendations found through Pinterest, and you have your answer.

Honestly, Pinterest is not for every business. However, if you are a business that heavily markets to women, then you should definitely have one. 80% of Pinterest users are women.

Pinterest buyers often spend more money, and they spend it more often on more items than items found on any of the top 5 social media sites.

With that, we bid you “Happy Pinning”.

A Marketer's Guide To Pinterest: Pin it

Thank you to AWWWARDS for the infographic.