Tweets, hash tags, follows, and more. It is enough to make anyone’s head spin, and any business owner to feel that it isn’t worth their time to invest in Twitter. Even though each tweet is limited to 140 characters, those characters can have a big impact on your small business. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these numbers to see why Twitter is so important to your business:

79% of Twitter users are likely to recommend the brands they follow.
67% of Twitter users are likely to buy from the brands they follow.
33% of Twitter users follow a brand.
24% of Twitter users check their feeds at least twice a day.

Twitter is a free social media outlet that has more than 550,000,000 active users, with 460,000 new people signing up every day. With the proper marketing plan, Twitter can be used as an outreach tool that raises brand awareness. When Twitter is done right, businesses can see a direct correlation between their sales and their Twitter following.

Maintaining a Twitter account does take dedication. It is just as easy to unfollow a brand as it is to follow one. Be sure to post relevant information. Creating a marketing plan that has clear goals, such as bringing awareness to promotions, using it as a feed for developing news, or as an education piece helps followers know what to expect. Choosing the proper hash tags for your tweets is also important. So long as they are relevant, #smallbiz, #b2b, & #entrepreneurs are also successful. For more rock star hash tags, check them out here from Social Caffeine.

We’ll leave you with this infographic to ponder over.  Tune in next week to see What’s The Point? Part Three: Facebook.